Wash Your Face Twice: Your quick guide to Double Cleansing

Monday, 19 March 2018

Hello again,

I talk about double cleansing a lot on this blog and you could call me an advocate for doing the double cleanse. But what does it mean to cleanse your face twice. Isn't once just as good? In this post I talk about all the benefits of double cleansing and what it exactly means to wash your face twice. It's no secret the entire beauty world is obsessed with this method of cleansing and in recent years has become a daily cleansing ritual for many.

Full Skin Care Routine on a Budget!

Sunday, 11 March 2018


In today's post I decided to write something that was inspired by my good friends. Many of my friends approach me about skin care and you can imagine that I do get very very excited. I just don't know where to start sometimes that I end up recommending this and that, all from a place of severe skin care obsession. So why not create and suggest a skin care routine, whilst keeping it within a reasonable budget. All the products I will mention are $30 and under, but highly effective in nurturing your skin type.

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