A Delayed Introduction: About the girl behind the Barcode

Hello Friends,

So I notice, I haven't formally introduced myself on my own blog! It really should have been the first thing I did. But I've decided to do this late introduction anyway.

My name is Kat to my close fam and friends. I'm from the Aussie lands and currently doing a commerce degree at University. I've also been a singer for 10 years and on the side enjoy dancing and acting. As you may know, I have a huge obsession for skin care, predominantly Asian skin care and cosmetics. Having said that, I am very open to trying all cosmetic brands.

I'm a strong advocate for SPF application and doing the double cleanse.
I love dogs and ducks and wish that one day I will have two of each.
I crave anything taro, matcha or potato and if I feel like being healthy, an occasional avocado.
I'm also quite the kdrama fanatic!

So that's a little bit about who I am. But I should probably provide some background as to why I've decided to start writing reviews and other beauty related blogs. To put it simply, I am a fan of the epidermis. Skin care, ever since my teen years has been a genuine interest of mine. I believe that being healthy on the outside is equally important as it is on the inside. I started to develop quite a passion for skin care over the past few years, from watching multiple 'Get it Beauty' episodes and reading blogs, books and articles all about the skin. Some books I highly recommend is 'Feed your Face' by Jessica Wu, as she delves into the details about many skin conditions and how it can be treated externally, but most intriguingly the impact of food on the skin. I would also suggest you give, 'The little book of Skin Care' by Charlotte Cho a read, as she provides some insight on effective skin care products and tips for different skin types.

I have some blogs posts currently brewing in my drafts and I'm excited for you to read them all.

Double Cleanse your Soul

Kat x


  1. Interesting to learn about the person behind beauty barcode

  2. How freaking great are dogs? Excited to see more posts from you!


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