The 7 Skin Method: Toning after Cleansing

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I have another Beauty Barcode Basics, skin care post for you all. In this post I focus on Toning after cleansing. I'm sure most of you are all familiar with toning, but for those who don't quite know what it does or what it is, this post is for you. I also go through the highly raved about 7 step cleansing method as well as the very basics of incorporating toning into your skin care routine.

What is Toning?

After cleansing it's important to tone as way to replace the lost hydration during the cleansing process. This step also effectively prepares the skin for the following steps of skin care, allowing products to absorb and take full effect. Toning also helps to removes any remaining  dirt, oil or make up. Most toners also do a great job of shrinking pores and softening the skin. The main reason you should incorporate Toners in your routine is to restore your skin's healthy pH levels. During the cleansing process our skin becomes alkaline, which isn't ideal. On a scale of 1-14, 14 is considered the most alkaline. Healthy skin usually has a natural pH level between 5-6, 5.6 being the healthiest level. The skin needs to be at this level so that it can feel and appear more balanced. Balanced pH levels means that your skin is able to function at its best and protect itself from irritants and other external factors that might damage it. An example of skin with a pH imbalance can result in the overproduction of sebum.

The 7 Skin Method 

If you thought it was applying seven layers of toner on your face, you're right!

To give a bit of background, the word 'skin' also means toner in Korean, thus the name 'The 7 Skin Method.' It's been tested to be an effective and gentle way to hydrate the skin. It essentially allows the skin to feel firmer and appear brighter. Some people are even ditching their heavy creams and facial oils for this method of hydration. However, there are certain things you should consider when adapting this into your routine.

If you feel like trying this out, it is best to start with 3-4 layers before building it up to the total 7 layers. It is also crucial that you are using an alcohol free toner for this method, as toners with alcohol may irritate or dry out the skin in large amounts.

The end result is bouncy, soft and hydrated skin. You've locked in the hydration and with multiple layers which means your skin will appear hydrated for longer periods of time. It'll also prevent any patchiness or dryness you might experience upon make up application.

How do I incorporate toners into my routine? 

There are so many different toners out there claiming to be so many different things and it can get very overwhelming. To break it down it's important to know what type of skin issues are you experiencing to better understand which toner best suits your skin needs. Different toners will provide various benefits for the skin. It is also important to note that some toners, are sometimes not explicitly labeled toners on the packaging and are instead called essences and lotions. But it is safe to assume that anything that is used after the cleansing step, prepares the skin for the next steps of skin care is "toning" the skin.

Types of Toners: Check the Ingredients!

Oily Acne Prone Skin 

If you're acne prone or have particularly oily skin, a salicylic based toner is something you should consider. It gently exfoliates whilst keeping excess oil at bay. Make sure you are using a toner that controls your oil but doesn't completely strip it away. Toners with with glycolic acid are also great for oily skin types.

Dry Skin 

If you're dry skin type of person, you should definitely stay away from toners with alcohol. You should instead search for toners with ingredients such as glycerin and essential oils. These ingredients will not only deeply moisturise but also soothe the skin. Glycerin is especially great at retaining the skin's moisture, whilst essential oils nourish the skin.

Sensitive Skin

I know that having such sensitive skin can often leave you limited and a lot of products are often a risky hit or miss. Toners with amino acids which include various amino fruit acids, are great for those with sensitive skin. Some common natural ingredients that is suitable for sensitive skin types is green tea, chamomile, aloe and algae. Such natural ingredients effectively reduce inflammation and redness.

Combination Skin 

Last but not least, Combination skin toners. If you have combination skin, toners with lactic acid is amazing. This popular AHA gently exfoliates, prevents acne and contains anti-ageing benefits. This toner will hydrate your skin without irritating your T-zone.

Some of my Favourite Toners!






                        Let me know about anything else you know about toners?                       What toners do you currently enjoy using?

See you in my next post!
Kat x


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