Wash Your Face Twice: Your quick guide to Double Cleansing

Hello again,

I talk about double cleansing a lot on this blog and you could call me an advocate for doing the double cleanse. But what does it mean to cleanse your face twice. Isn't once just as good? In this post I talk about all the benefits of double cleansing and what it exactly means to wash your face twice. It's no secret the entire beauty world is obsessed with this method of cleansing and in recent years has become a daily cleansing ritual for many.

What is the Double Cleansing method?

  1. The Oil Cleanser (Oil/Balm)
The first step is to use an oil cleanser. The moment people see the word oil they immediately question why anyone would put oil on their face, especially if they already have oily skin. This is a common misconception for those with oily skin types. Oily skin, is often your skin's response to keeping it balanced. A dermatologist once mentioned to me that oily skin is just skin that is dry and is lacking nutrients on the inside. But by using an oil cleanser, you are drawing out sebum and other excess oil, without dissolving your skin's natural moisture. This step will remove pollutants foam cleansers just can't wash off. Remember that oil will attract oil and simply washing your face with soap and water is not enough. Oil cleansers will leave your skin feeling balanced and moisturised. 

    2.  The Facial Cleanser (Gel/Foam)

This second involves either your choice of a foam or milky/gel type cleanser. This highly depends on your own personal preference. Some foam cleansers can leave your skin feeling quite stripped and thus wouldn't be suitable for some dry or combination skin people. However, that's not the case for all foam cleansers and some new cleansers on the market are now actually quite moisturising and gentle. The second step of this routine ensures to that all dirt and remaining sebum is cleansed from your skin. 

Why do the Double Cleanse? 

Adding an extra step to your initial cleansing routine is the start to better skin health. By using an oil cleanser you are effectively preventing the onset of breakouts. This method of cleansing can also reduce signs of skin inflammation, induced by the build up of sebum in your pores. By double cleansing you are actively moisturising and often relieving oily skin types.

Although daunting at first double cleansing leads to many long term benefits for the skin:

  • Effectively melt away a full face of make up - A great way to remove the day off your face is by using an oil cleanser. It gently removes make up and the accumulation of pollutants during the day. 
  • Prevents the progression of break outs and blocked pores. 
  • Throughly cleanses the face allowing all other skin care products to effectively penetrate the skin's outer layer. 
  • It's ultimately a great way to prevent your skin from ageing - allowing pollutants and make up to absorb and accumulate on the skin can lead to very dull and eventually speeding up the ageing process of the skin.

Some Great Cleanser recommendations!

Wishing you happy skin days!
Kat x


  1. Oh my goodness, I've been wondering why double cleansing was a thing for so long!! Definitely gonna get on this. :)

  2. Yes! Let me know how it goes :)


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