Take care of your Damaged Hair this New Year!

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another year. I feel like I wasn't as consistent throughout 2017 on my blog but I've been working on a few potential blog posts you might find helpful. One of which might involve a formal introduction from yours truly and some more skin care reviews. I'm also looking forward to writing about more than just beauty and focusing on being more engaging with my readers. I know I don't have a huge following on here but if you're reading this, I thank you for your support thus far and I hope I can bring you some truly unique and worthwhile content this 2018.

I've decided to start this year with a review and product guide with some hair products I've been heavily relying on for my quite damaged, bleached hair.

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1. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

If you have bleached hair you may have heard of this miracle worker. Olaplex is essentially a bond multiplier that strengthens damaged hair that's been chemically processed. This product is especially important if you plan on going lighter, or if you want to keep processing your hair in order to maintain the colour. The further you are from your original hair colour (lighter hair) the more brittle you hair becomes which results in a lot of breakage. I highly recommend for everyone to request the Olaplex treatment during their hair appointments and to continue to use the No. 3 home treatment at least once a week. How much you decide to use the treatment will also depend on how damaged your hair is.

I usually use Olaplex just once a week. However, upon being introduced and discovering my additional structure complex treatment, I've only been using Olaplex only once a fortnight. I also make sure that I leave the Olaplex in my hair for around 1-3 hours. Although, I do know of many light hair girls and boys who leave it in as an overnight hair treatment in the summertime.

2. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Every bleached body's best friend is the purple shampoo. You may or may not know but the only way to prevent and get rid of the brassy, yellow tones out of your hair is with purple shampoo! The Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, happens to be my ultimate favourite.

I tone my hair using the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, once a fortnight. It is quite a strong shampoo so I do recommend not leaving the shampoo for longer than 10 seconds in the hair and washing it out immediately. Leaving the shampoo in your hair for long periods of time could result in uneven hair colour, that disperse into silver/violet tones. 

3. Nak Structure Complex Trio (Shampoo, Conditioner and Bond Enhancer)

So if you've decided to dye your hair a million different colours or perhaps you've gone platinum from black. I feel your struggle. But I'm here for you and here's some products that might just save your life, your hair's life, well what's left of it. This trio of products and Olaplex, is what you need to achieve silky, shiny hair even after all the bleaching.

The Nak Structure Complex, reconstructs damaged hair using nano proteins that consist of conditioning plant extracts. By adding a protein reconstructive treatment to your hair care routine, will maximise the results of your Olaplex treatment and prevent your hair from further damage. This will ensure your hair is getting the protein it's lost through the bleaching process.

I usually use the Nak Structure Complex once a fortnight. It makes me hair feel incredibly silky and reintroduces that healthy shine back into my hair. The treatment does take a bit of work, but trust me it is worth it. I also have to mention how great these products smell!

4. Fanola Nutricare Leave In Conditioner

Another addition to your ever growing hair product family is the Fanola Nutricare Leave In Conditioner. I learnt about leave in conditioners from my hair stylist. I was under the assumption that using heat would be more damaging to my hair, and it is. But she explained to me that with the right products, blowing drying my hair with heat 1-2 times a week was fine.

A leave in conditioner is applied directly onto your hair, after it's been washed. Once you've applied the conditioner thoroughly through your hair, you can then proceed to blow dry. The result is very silky soft hair, with volume.

I use the Fanola Leave In Conditioner after I've used the Olaplex treatment and washed my hair with purple Shampoo. I also understand that many people just air dry, which is great for the hair too. But air drying my own hair only results in tangles and very unkempt looking hair. 

5. Ogx Coconut Miracle Oil 

Lastly, the Ogx Coconut Miracle Oil. Out of all the hair oils I've tried, this is the most affordable but effective hair oil I've used. If you're looking to just smooth out any fly aways or nourish the dry ends of your hair, this is perfect for that.

I tend to only use this oil after I've blow dried my hair on the ends where my hair can feel quite dry and also to control any minor frizziness. However, with bleached hair it is difficult to retain any moisture due to all the damage so hair oils such as these is good a temporary fix. 


Bleached hair business, is a lot of maintenance and work but getting to your dream hair colour is definitely worth it. I highly recommend Olapex as a priority treatment as well as purple shampoo to maintain your far from natural hair colour. I look forward to returning to my natural hair colour someday, but for now the hard hair work continues.

Thank you! Kat x


  1. So helpful, I'm keen to try the Fanola Nutricare leave-in conditioner!


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