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I'm sure we all know just how important your eyebrows are. They frame your face, have the ability to either make or break you and being on fleek is probably something you hear too often. I've had my fair share of terrible eyebrow experiences and it's these eyebrow mishaps that have shaped my eyebrows into who they are today, in the literal sense. Understanding what eyebrow shape best suits you is one thing but with the diversity of brow products up on the market it can be just enough to convince you to neglect your brows altogether. But not to worry because with a lot of trial and error you will get there and it'll be worth it! I've come up with a few products that work for me and hopefully can help you on your brow journey. Enjoy!

  1. Tony Moly Auto Eyebrow Pencil (#03)
  2. Heavy Rotation Colouring Eyebrow (Natural Colour)
  3. Benefit Brow Zing (Dark) 

Tony Moly Auto Eyebrow Pencil (#03) 

I love this product for defining the shape of my brows. 

The formula is natural to buildable depending on the amount of pressure you apply to your brows. It's dual ended design has a retractable pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other. Unlike most brow pencils the flat slanted surface on this pencil makes it almost effortless to achieve a clear defined line. If this is too harsh, the spoolie can be used to blend out the line for softer natural looking brows. Its waxed based formula also makes it very long lasting and budge proof. One down side however is if you're not cautious between each use the pencil can snap, losing the sharp pencil edge. This pencil will roughly last you between 5-6 months if used daily. I'd highly recommend this product to those who are just starting out with filling in their brows or looking for an affordable on the go brow product.


I discovered this product whilst watching one of Wengie's videos and was completely sold by its pigmentation. They come in 4 different shades and is one of Japan's bestselling brow mascaras. After using this product for a year I can firmly say that this is probably the most natural but most pigmented brow mascaras I've ever used and I love it to death. Since I have black eyebrows I have always been on the look out for a brow mascara that would soften the otherwise harsh appearance of my brows. If you've dyed your hair a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour then I recommend you check out the Heavy Rotation Colouring Eyebrow, it may just change your eyebrow game.


Benefit Brow Zings (Dark)

The Benefit Brow Zings is a brow compact that contains a pigmented brow wax to define and shape the brows and a natural powder used to set and fill in any sparse areas. The compact also includes an angled brush, flat powder brush and small tweezers. I really loved this compact especially for it's functionality. It's all in one brow kit makes doing my brows almost trouble-free. The wax glides on smoothly and the powder's soft and natural pigment allowed me to build definition in my brows. If I were to ever purchase this product again, I would probably use a shade lighter in medium. If you already have full brows and all you need is a little definition maybe try the light or medium shades. I prefer natural toned and defined brows and the darkest shade made my brows appear too harsh.


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