Travel Beauty Essentials: Skin Care

Own what you can always carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag 

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 

So I'll be will be travelling overseas next month for two weeks and I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the skin care products I will be bringing and in addition how I will be taking them with me. I also wanted to do something different, instead of the usual skin care/ make up review so I hope you'll enjoy this post and maybe even learn something!

Why is travel Skin Care important? 

Travelling to other countries means potential changes in your skin's condition. In order to address your skin's needs during travel it's important that you are prepared. Be prepared for your skin to lose moisture whether it be on the plane or in harsh tropical conditions, to prevent this bring skin care products that will nourish and deeply moisturise your skin.

Avoid the use of thick creams in hot humid weather not only will this be uncomfortable for you but this could also clog your pores. If you're going to a country that is highly polluted come prepared, bring skin care that will purify and exfoliate your skin from all the dust and dirt that can accumulate and cause you to break out. Lastly make sure to narrow down your products, travel smart. Think about what your skin will need during the trip and don't over pack.

What's in my Skin Care travel bag?

Travel Organiser Wash Bag

This bag is definitely a lot smaller than I had initially thought. So just be aware of the measurements if you decide on purchasing.

QV Face Gentle CleanserBanila Co Clean it Zero

Bringing facial cleansers is no doubt one of the most important products that I will be bringing on my travels. It is important to throughly cleanse my face from the accumulation of dirt and sebum from the highly polluted and hot environment I will be visiting. Double cleansing will be essential!

Make up remover: Simple Kind to the Eyes Make up Remover

So Instead of bringing a separate bottle of eye make up remover I thought that I would try out this new eye make up remover wipes by Simple. This makes it super travel friendly because I can just throw out each cotton pad after each use.

Toner: Missha Super Aqua Hydrating Toner Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, herbs and Rosewater

The harsh new weather conditions may provide to be a shock to my skin causing it to possibly become flaky and dry. To avoid this I will taking along a toner with hydrating properties, this will relieve and prevent my skin from becoming dry during the course of my trip. I'll be using the Missha toner for my usual night skin care and will be trying out the Mario Badescu Facial spray in the day.

Application Tool: Disposable cotton pads  

I'll be bringing a lot of disposable cotton pads on my trip. This will just allow me to apply my regular skincare products such as my toner and allow me to easily remove any make up at the end of the day.

Essence: Missha Time Revolution, The First Treatment essence (Mist)

I decided that I won't be bringing my 150ml glass bottle of the treatment purely for practical travel reasons. Instead, I'll be taking the exact same essence but in the mist bottle making it lighter for travel and easier to apply when I'm on the go.

Emulsion: Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Moist Moisturiser
Night Cream: Banila Co It Radiant Brightening Cream

As a part of my regular night skin care routine I will be bringing my emulsion and brightening night cream.

Day Cream: Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturiser

So for the purpose of this trip I decided that I would try out a new day moisturiser/cream. I wanted a light and smooth moisturiser for the hot climate. After looking around and reading some reviews I settled on the Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturiser. It smells nice and feels very light on the skin and I'm looking forward to trying it out on my trip.

Sunscreen: Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 38+, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist 30+

Regardless of where I'll be going during the day, wearing a light sun screen is essential particularly in hot climate. I'll be using a separate sun screen for my face and body. The body mist is a light version of a sun cream which would other wise take a much longer to apply. But by using a body mist I get the sun protection I need whilst having the convenient and easy application.

Face masks: My Beauty Diary, The Celebration of Symphony (Rose Brightening Aroma Mask, Pearl Powder Mask)

I'll be using a few face masks on my trip as a way of deeply nourishing and replenishing my skin either at the end of start of the day.

Travel friendly Skin Care products and tips!

  • Bringing all your skin care products can be quite bulky especially when you want to travel light. So, purchase empty plastic containers or reuse empty skin care containers you may already have and de-pot any creams or cleansers. 
  • Utilise any sample size products you may have, you can throw them away once you're done and give you a chance to try some new products whilst packing travel friendly. 
  • Use a suitable travel bag suitable to the amount of products you will be bringing. This will just allow you to be more organised and prevent you from forgetting items. 
  • Don't bring more than you're going to need - think about what your skin usually needs and address it. 
  • Label you products.

Containers were all purchased from DAISO.

For more info. about my skin care check out my Night Skin Care Routine

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