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Skin care is a crucial and yet often overlooked part of our daily routine. Establishing regular skin care habits and an awareness of your skin's needs is essential in maintaining healthy skin that will last you a life time. 

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At the end of each day I like to thoroughly clean my face from all the make up, dust and dead skin that may have accumulated throughout the day. It is quite a lengthy process but it is one that is well worth it. Bare in mind I have combination skin so this routine will differ from other people's skin care routines, not in anyway is this the only way you should care for your face I'm sure everyone has a different way of caring for their skin condition. 

Make up removal & Double Cleansing 

I don't like to wear make up very often nowadays but on days that I do, I make sure to thoroughly remove all remaining make up on my face. I do this with an overall make up remover and a soft cotton pad. Most make up removers are very gentle and will often get the job done. But the best make up removers are cleansing waters or anything oil based.

I usually use the Bioderma Sensibio H2O but you can also you the Bioderma Crealine H2O, it's a cleansing water that very gently removes all the make up. This cleansing water is a beauty cult favourite as it is affordable, easily accessible and is suitable for all skin types. However if you have acne prone skin this might not be for you.
After using the cleansing water I'll usually use my cleansing balm (Banila Co. Clean it Zero) in order to achieve a deeper clean. This will remove any remaining make up that was not removed by the cleansing water alone. This is the most gentle way you can cleanse your face without irritating your skin's natural pH levels.
Once I've washed off my cleansing balm, I will then use a gentle soap cleanser. I prefer to use very basic face cleansers something that is suitable for sensitive skin and does not create foam. One that is suitable for all skin types is the  The QV Face, Gentle Face Cleanser it claims to be very gentle and gentle it is! It removes any remaining dirt or residue of make up leaving the face feeling extremely clean and smooth. This cleanser is particularly great for dry, acne prone skin but I still highly recommend this for all skin types.

Exfoliating is something that should be done at least 2 times a week, 3 times at the most if you really feel that there is an accumulation of dead skin cells and other dirt blocking your pores. Not exfoliating will prevent any skin care products properly absorbing into your skin and can often result in larger pores and break outs.

I'm currently not using any exfoliating products so, for the time being I have been making my own exfoliating scrub. I usually mix a little honey and brown sugar and use this as the method to exfoliate my face 2-3 times a week. It leaves my skin feeling much smoother with visibly brighter and clearer skin.

After I've cleansed my face it's typical that I would then use a toner. Toner's are a crucial element of daily skin care as it restores the skin's pH balance after being washed by cleansers. I also find that toners also remove anymore of that excess dust or dry skin that might be lingering on my face. There are so many toners out on the market all claiming to do various things for the skin. However the most gentle of all toners are ones that are water based, stay away from toners that have a high alcohol content as this may irritate the skin. Further Toners will hydrate and help any other skin care products you layer on top absorb better into the skin.

The toner I'm currently using is the Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Toner. It's a very refreshing and brightening toner that claims to minimise excessive sebum and whiteheads but above all is very gentle on the skin.

I typically would use an essence after my toner, this just adds an additional layer of hydration before I apply any other skincare products onto my face. Essences are known to be light weight but also very moisturising leaving your skin looking brighter and smoother.

I am currently using the Missha Time Revolution, The First Treatment Essence in a spray mist. I would just layer this on top of my toner and gently pat it into the skin with my hands.

Eye cream 
I am at the moment still in between deciding what eye creams I should use however one that I have been using for while now is the Kiehl's Midnight recovery eye cream. I felt this cream was moisturising but did nothing for my dark circles or prevented any of my fine lines.
Having said that eye creams are still important as they not only prevent any further fine lines or wrinkles but also thoroughly moisturise the delicate skin under the eyes. This part of the face deserves particular attention because it is where early signs of ageing can occur in-conjunction with other factors such as, lack of sleep or consuming too much food high in sodium. This can be minimised if you use the right eye cream. However watching what you eat and getting sufficient sleep will also help!

An emulsion is basically a lighter moisturiser. It isn't thick or greasy but yet still provides the skin with the moisture it needs. The great thing about emulsions is due to their light weight texture, they won't clog your pores the same way a thick heavy moisturiser will, so overall it's a lot more pleasant when applied to the skin.

The emulsion I am currently using is the Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Moist Emulsion, a small amount of this emulsion is more than enough to hydrate the face completely, although it is a bit sticky when first applied to the face, it will dry and is completely comfortable to wear during the night.

Night cream
Lastly I apply a night cream. This is optional but I feel that this final step seals in all the moisture and hard work that I've applied to my face and leaves an overall glow to my complexion. The one I have been using is the Banila Co. Radiant Brightening Cream this is the last product I apply in my skincare routine which basically locks in moisture while I sleep, leaving my skin ready and refreshed for the next day.

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